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School of Agriculture

Scholarship Information

Scholarships in the School of Agriculture are available to students majoring in one of our five undergraduate degree programs:  Agribusiness, Animal Science, Fermentation Science, Horse Science, or Plant & Soil Science. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of specific requirements of the donor, and include criteria such as academic performance, financial need, and student involvement in extracurricular activities.

Freshman Scholarships

Freshman Scholarships are available to students majoring in a program offered by the School of Agriculture. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of specific requirements of the donor, academic performance, financial need and student involvement in extracurricular activities. Applications for scholarships are due, or need to be postmarked by April 1, evaluated by the scholarship committee, and recipients are announced by email to the students as quickly as possible.

One-half of the monetary award is available during registration of the following fall semester. Scholarship applicants will be re-evaluated at the end of the fall semester to verify they have maintained a GPA of 2.5 or above, and will then be eligible to receive the second half of the scholarship for the spring semester.
*Freshman scholarship application link:

Specific scholarships available include the following:

  • Tennessee Farmer’s Cooperative – 1 @ $2,000; Requirement: Recipient’s family must be a member of a local member cooperative that is part of the TN Farmers Cooperative system.
  • Tennessee Rehabilitation Corporation – 4 @ $1,000.00; Criteria include economic need, ability to successfully complete degree, involvement in extra-curricular activities. Recipient must be a resident of Tennessee and have an agricultural/rural background.
  • Joe Jack & Jerry Dement Scholarship
  • Adams Family Foundation Scholarship
  • Cliff Ricketts Endowed Scholarship
  • Agriculture Endowment Fund

Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Scholarships

Applications for scholarships are due by March 1 each year, evaluated by a group of faculty/staff, and recipients are announced at the annual Agricultural Awards Banquet, normally held in April. Monetary awards are available during registration of the following fall semester, and the amount of the award is dependent upon funds available from scholarship fund or endowment.  Half of the award amount will be applied to the fall tuition, and the other half applied to spring tuition.  Scholarship recipients are required to be full-time students (minimum of 12 credit hours per semester). 
*Upperclassmen and transfer student scholarship link: 

Specific scholarship available include the following:
Adams Family Foundation Scholarship
Agriculture Endowment Scholarship
Billy & Burton Towry Scholarship
Boxwood Farm Scholarship
Campbell Family Endowed Scholarship
Carolyn Gill Endowed Scholarship
Catherine Ellington Scholarship
Fowler and Ruth Nickle Scholarship
Harley W. Foutch Endowed Scholarship
Hayden Memorial Scholarship
Heritage Farms Scholarship
Hugh Burrum Memorial Scholarship
Jerry Williams Endowed Scholarship
Joe Jack and Jerry Dement Endowed Scholarship
Mark Allen Moskovitz Scholarship
Paul Cantrell Agribusiness Scholarship
Robert Alexander Scholarship
Robert Garrigus Endowed Scholarship
Robert Jarrell Memorial Scholarship
Terrapin Scholarship for Fermentation Science majors 
Tennessee Farmer’s Cooperative Scholarship
Tennessee Council of Cooperatives Scholarship
Theodore C. Bigger Scholarship
Thomas Franklin Rowlett Jr Memorial Scholarship

Scholarships for Horse Science majors:
Kitty Adams Endowed Scholarship
Joan Hunt Memorial Scholarship
W. Cross Scholarship
Mark Moskovitz Scholarship
Seve Scholarship
Tennessee Horse Council

Click here for more detailed information on each scholarship.

Applications are DUE by MARCH 1 each year.

Additional financial aid is available through the following MTSU agencies:

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